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About Us
At Pharmacie Plus, We Care.

Our Goal is to provide all your healthcare needs under one roof, ensuring your medical needs and health requirements remain fulfilled. Shopping for Medicines can be difficult. You may be sick or worried about a loved one. There may be a crowd or you may have difficult sourcing the right drug. It could be a hot day and the environment is warm, humid and sticky. There has to be an easier way. We have tailored our outlets to meet today’s demands, offering a clean, comfortable, climate-controlled environment, optimum for maintaining medicinal efficacy. 

We carry a complete range for all your healthcare needs. Can’t find anything you need? Give us a call and place an order. We can confirm availability for you through our sourcing channels.

Why buy your drugs from the same place groceries are sold? Do they have as much expertise in handling medicines as a dedicated medicinal retailer? How long have the medicines been on their shelves? When was the last time they checked their expiry dates? Have they purchased their drugs from the appropriate channels? Are just high sales a priority for them, or is providing the best medical solution a higher priority? 

How Are We Different

In addition to our outlook and vision regarding personal health, our retail experience provides essential services that most pharmacies overlook. 

  • Sourced medicines from licensed distributors preventing tampering, pilferage or fake/ineffective medicines.
  • A climate controlled environment ensuring medicines sold offer highest possible potency.
  • Appropriate data management, storage, recall and return mechanisms using modern SOPs.
  • A qualified pharmacist to help with prescriptions, offer product advice or recommendations. 
  • On-site services such as IV treatment, vaccinations, blood pressure and blood sugar tests and more, with a qualified nurse in a comfortable, private, Consultation Room.
  • Complete, attentive service committed to providing the most appropriate healthcare solution for the customers’ needs.
  • Complete variety of health, medicinal and personal care inventory.
  • Convenience Goods to ensure your Household necessities are met.
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